We love to say that “the materials we handle are vast”. In a certain way, it is always about metal materials, but every single creation has a special treatment that depends not only in its nature but also in the way it will be transformed.

We talk about TEXTURES, we talk about SHAPES, we talk about SURFACES.


fine metal fabrication

Lines, waves, holes, patterns duplicated infinitely, intersected geometries tessellation, all designed on materials nobody ever imagined to use as a canvas for a painting.

Everything is possible due to the experience of three generations working on the proper use for each material and to enhance the processing techniques, relying on the most up to date technologies together with years of experience in the highest quality craftsmanship.


Everyone carries within itself a baggage of shapes and colors. Our task is to fulfill your dreams. Designers, architects and clients communicate their ideas to our experts so they can transform them in a real and tangible work of art, using their outstanding engineering skills and craftsmanship.


Now close your eyes and place your hand over the hand hammered, the sandblasted or the fused materials; its tactile sensation it is as powerful as the eyesight.

We would like to share with you the wonderful experience of astonishing you not only with creative combinations and shapes but also with the vast range of surface finishings wisely developed by our top quality tuscan craftsmen.

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